Run For Office

Run for Office is a movement that engages young people in social change, leadership and physical activity, pivoting societal concern into democratic action. With two years left till national elections, the Daniel Sachs Foundation brings together two organizations to join hands in building a stronger democracy.


In Fall 2020, Höj Rösten (Raise Your Voice/Vote) and Löparakademin (Runner’s Academy) launched the initiative Run For Office to transform young people’s societal concern into democratic engagement. This platform combats democratic barriers with education, self-leadership and physical activity. With Höj Rösten’s proven track record developing authentic democratic leaders and Löparakademin’s decade of work activating youth in disadvantaged communities—we catalyze young people’s potential into active civic engagement and change.


Multiple initiatives leading up to the election

Starting 2021, Run for Office will expand to include mentorship from a diverse group of democratically engaged public leaders and open-air inspirational talks with established changemakers from various sectors of society. Leading up to Swedish parliament elections in 2022, the movement will grow to include trackside conversations with elected officials at Järvaveckan and culminate in a Run for Office campaign to broadly increase voter participation. The campaign will engage the entire Run for Office network.