The Daniel Sachs Playwright Award 2019 to Bergman Studio

The Daniel Sachs Playwright Award is given annually to a playwright at the Royal Dramatic Theatre in recognition of an extraordinary effort. The Bergman Studio receives the 2019 scholarship, with the following rationale:

“The 2019 Daniel Sachs Playwright Award is given to the Royal Dramatic Theatre’s new drama venture, the Bergman Studio. At a time when classical theater productions abound, the Bergman Studio cements the status of newly written works on the national stage. It also recognizes that part of the Royal Dramatic Theatre’s core mission is to procure and perform works of contemporary Swedish drama. Our hope is that the Bergman Studio continues to ensure that fresh voices – perhaps future recipients of this award– are discovered, cultivated and given the chance to be experienced by audiences, thereby upholding the historical traditions of the Royal Dramatic Theatre.”