Dramaten Intrepid Spirit Award – Andreas T Olsson 2016

The 2016 award goes to a person who has given intrepidness a face, or rather a body, at Dramaten. With new approaches both serious and playful, but with strong ties to history—Dramaten’s own and the theater in general—this person has experimented and examined the theater, the dramatic arts, the form and the encounter with the audience. This person has stood alone on the stage but has also pulled in other—expected and unexpected—people, mostly quite intrepid themselves, into his dramas. Additionally, this person has a penchant for depicting intrepid characters, or should we say: nerds. And always with a glint in his eye and great attentiveness to his audience. Quite simply, theatrical arts and audience accessibility in a beautiful, entertaining, and intrepid union. This year’s award goes to Andreas T. Olsson.