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Our Mission is to Revitalize Democracy for the 21st Century


We believe in a world powered by original ideas, pathbreaking individuals and cohesive communities, underpinned by strong institutions serving citizens in tandem with a vibrant civil society.

Representative democracy is the only political system able to realize this vision in the long term.

As the world faces existential challenges, trust in institutions and politics has never been lower. At the same time, social engagement is unprecedented among today’s young generation. We strive to close the gap between institutional democracy and the people it serves.

Thus, our mission is to revitalize democracy for the 21st Century. We are committed to empowering ideas and individuals in the space between civil society and politics.

We accelerate change through funded activism – in three steps; initiation and seed-funding of projects to enable rapid action, evaluation and iteration, and scaling in collaboration with partners. We also support originality and integrity in the arts through scholarships.

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